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Static Method is_compatible Undocumented
Method fetch See InterRepository.fetch().
Class Method _get_repo_format_to_test Undocumented
Method _get_trees Undocumented
Method _get_delta_for_revision Get the best delta and base for this revision.
Method _fetch_parent_invs_for_stacking Find all parent revisions that are absent, but for which the
Method _fetch_batch Fetch across a few revisions.
Method _fetch_all_revisions Fetch everything for the list of revisions.
Method _get_basis Get a revision and tree which exists in the target.

Inherited from InterVersionedFileRepository:

Method search_missing_revision_ids Return the revision ids that source has that target does not.
Method _walk_to_common_revisions Walk out from revision_ids in source to revisions target has.
Method _present_source_revisions_for Returns set of all revisions in ancestry of revision_ids present in

Inherited from InterRepository (via InterVersionedFileRepository):

Method copy_content Make a complete copy of the content in self into destination.
Static Method _same_model True if source and target have the same data representation.
Static Method _assert_same_model Raise an exception if two repositories do not use the same model.

Inherited from InterObject (via InterVersionedFileRepository, InterRepository):

Method __init__ Construct a default InterObject instance. Please use 'get'.
Class Method get Retrieve a Inter worker object for these objects.
Method lock_read Take out a logical read lock.
Method lock_write Take out a logical write lock.
Class Method register_optimiser Register an InterObject optimiser.
Method unlock Release the locks on source and target.
Class Method unregister_optimiser Unregister an InterObject optimiser.
Method _double_lock Take out two locks, rolling back the first if the second throws.
def _get_repo_format_to_test(self):
def is_compatible(source, target):
def _get_trees(self, revision_ids, cache):
def _get_delta_for_revision(self, tree, parent_ids, possible_trees):
Get the best delta and base for this revision.
Returns(basis_id, delta)
def _fetch_parent_invs_for_stacking(self, parent_map, cache):
Find all parent revisions that are absent, but for which the inventory is present, and copy those inventories.

This is necessary to preserve correctness when the source is stacked without fallbacks configured. (Note that in cases like upgrade the source may be not have _fallback_repositories even though it is stacked.)

def _fetch_batch(self, revision_ids, basis_id, cache):
Fetch across a few revisions.
Parametersrevision_idsThe revisions to copy
basis_idThe revision_id of a tree that must be in cache, used as a basis for delta when no other base is available
cacheA cache of RevisionTrees that we can use.
ReturnsThe revision_id of the last converted tree. The RevisionTree for it will be in cache
def _fetch_all_revisions(self, revision_ids, pb):
Fetch everything for the list of revisions.
Parametersrevision_idsThe list of revisions to fetch. Must be in topological order.
pbA ProgressTask
def fetch(self, revision_id=None, find_ghosts=False, fetch_spec=None):
See InterRepository.fetch().
def _get_basis(self, first_revision_id):
Get a revision and tree which exists in the target.

This assumes that first_revision_id is selected for transmission because all other ancestors are already present. If we can't find an ancestor we fall back to NULL_REVISION since we know that is safe.

Returns(basis_id, basis_tree)
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