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Storage for many versioned files thunked onto a 'VersionedFile' class.

This object allows a single keyspace for accessing the history graph and contents of named bytestrings.

Currently no implementation allows the graph of different key prefixes to intersect, but the API does allow such implementations in the future.

Method __init__ Create a ThunkedVersionedFiles.
Method add_lines See VersionedFiles.add_lines().
Method annotate Return a list of (version-key, line) tuples for the text of key.
Method check See VersionedFiles.check().
Method get_parent_map Get a map of the parents of keys.
Method get_record_stream See VersionedFiles.get_record_stream().
Method get_sha1s See VersionedFiles.get_sha1s().
Method insert_record_stream Insert a record stream into this container.
Method iter_lines_added_or_present_in_keys Iterate over the lines in the versioned files from keys.
Method keys See VersionedFiles.keys().
Method _get_vf Undocumented
Method _partition_keys Turn keys into a dict of prefix:suffix_list.
Method _get_all_prefixes Undocumented
Method _iter_keys_vf Undocumented
Method _iter_all_components Undocumented

Inherited from VersionedFiles:

Method add_mpdiffs Add mpdiffs to this VersionedFile.
Static Method check_not_reserved_id Undocumented
Method clear_cache Clear whatever caches this VersionedFile holds.
Method get_known_graph_ancestry Get a KnownGraph instance with the ancestry of keys.
Method get_missing_compression_parent_keys Return an iterable of keys of missing compression parents.
Method make_mpdiffs Create multiparent diffs for specified keys.
Method get_annotator Undocumented
Method _add_text Add a text to the store.
Method _check_lines_not_unicode Check that lines being added to a versioned file are not unicode.
Method _check_lines_are_lines Check that the lines really are full lines without inline EOL.
Method _extract_blocks Undocumented
Method _transitive_fallbacks Return the whole stack of fallback versionedfiles.
def __init__(self, transport, file_factory, mapper, is_locked):
Create a ThunkedVersionedFiles.
def add_lines(self, key, parents, lines, parent_texts=None, left_matching_blocks=None, nostore_sha=None, random_id=False, check_content=True):
See VersionedFiles.add_lines().
def annotate(self, key):
Return a list of (version-key, line) tuples for the text of key.
RaisesRevisionNotPresentIf the key is not present.
def check(self, progress_bar=None, keys=None):
See VersionedFiles.check().
def get_parent_map(self, keys):
Get a map of the parents of keys.
ParameterskeysThe keys to look up parents for.
ReturnsA mapping from keys to parents. Absent keys are absent from the mapping.
def _get_vf(self, path):
def _partition_keys(self, keys):
Turn keys into a dict of prefix:suffix_list.
def _get_all_prefixes(self):
def get_record_stream(self, keys, ordering, include_delta_closure):
See VersionedFiles.get_record_stream().
def _iter_keys_vf(self, keys):
def get_sha1s(self, keys):
See VersionedFiles.get_sha1s().
def insert_record_stream(self, stream):
Insert a record stream into this container.
ParametersstreamA stream of records to insert.
See Also
def iter_lines_added_or_present_in_keys(self, keys, pb=None):

Iterate over the lines in the versioned files from keys.

This may return lines from other keys. Each item the returned iterator yields is a tuple of a line and a text version that that line is present in (not introduced in).

Ordering of results is in whatever order is most suitable for the underlying storage format.

If a progress bar is supplied, it may be used to indicate progress. The caller is responsible for cleaning up progress bars (because this is an iterator).

  • Lines are normalised by the underlying store: they will all have


  • Lines are returned in arbitrary order.

ReturnsAn iterator over (line, key).
def _iter_all_components(self):
def keys(self):
See VersionedFiles.keys().
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