b.v.OrderingVersionedFilesDecorator(RecordingVersionedFilesDecorator) : class documentation

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A VF that records calls, and returns keys in specific order.
Instance VariablescallsA list of the calls made; can be reset at any time by assigning [] to it.
Method __init__ Create a RecordingVersionedFilesDecorator decorating backing_vf.
Method get_record_stream Undocumented

Inherited from RecordingVersionedFilesDecorator:

Method add_lines Undocumented
Method check Undocumented
Method get_parent_map Undocumented
Method get_sha1s Undocumented
Method iter_lines_added_or_present_in_keys Undocumented
Method keys Undocumented
def __init__(self, backing_vf, key_priority):
Create a RecordingVersionedFilesDecorator decorating backing_vf.
Parametersbacking_vfThe versioned file to answer all methods.
key_priorityA dictionary defining what order keys should be returned from an 'unordered' get_record_stream request. Keys with lower priority are returned first, keys not present in the map get an implicit priority of 0, and are returned in lexicographical order.
def get_record_stream(self, keys, sort_order, include_delta_closure):
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