b.v.ChunkedContentFactory(ContentFactory) : class documentation

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Static data content factory.

This takes a 'chunked' list of strings. The only requirement on 'chunked' is that ''.join(lines) becomes a valid fulltext. A tuple of a single string satisfies this, as does a list of lines.

Instance Variablessha1None, or the sha1 of the content fulltext.
storage_kindThe native storage kind of this factory. Always 'chunked'
keyThe key of this content. Each key is a tuple with a single string in it.
parentsA tuple of parent keys for self.key. If the object has no parent information, None (as opposed to () for an empty list of parents).
Method __init__ Create a ContentFactory.
Method get_bytes_as Undocumented
def __init__(self, key, parents, sha1, chunks):
Create a ContentFactory.
def get_bytes_as(self, storage_kind):
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