b.u.NoninteractiveUIFactory(UIFactory) : class documentation

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Known subclasses: bzrlib.ui.SilentUIFactory

Base class for UIs with no user.
Method confirm_action Seek user confirmation for an action.
Method __repr__ Undocumented

Inherited from UIFactory:

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method __enter__ Context manager entry support.
Method __exit__ Context manager exit support.
Method be_quiet Tell the UI to be more quiet, or not.
Method get_password Prompt the user for a password.
Method is_quiet Undocumented
Method make_output_stream Get a stream for sending out bulk text data.
Method nested_progress_bar Return a nested progress bar.
Method clear_term Prepare the terminal for output.
Method format_user_warning Undocumented
Method choose Prompt the user for a list of alternatives.
Method get_boolean Get a boolean question answered from the user.
Method get_integer Get an integer from the user.
Method make_progress_view Construct a new ProgressView object for this UI.
Method recommend_upgrade Recommend the user upgrade a control directory.
Method report_transport_activity Called by transports as they do IO.
Method log_transport_activity Write out whatever transport activity has been measured.
Method show_user_warning Show a warning to the user.
Method show_error Show an error message (not an exception) to the user.
Method show_message Show a message to the user.
Method show_warning Show a warning to the user.
Method _make_output_stream_explicit Undocumented
Method _progress_finished Called by the ProgressTask when it finishes
Method _progress_all_finished Called when the top-level progress task finished
Method _progress_updated Called by the ProgressTask when it changes.
def confirm_action(self, prompt, confirmation_id, prompt_kwargs):
Seek user confirmation for an action.

If the UI is noninteractive, or the user does not want to be asked about this action, True is returned, indicating bzr should just proceed.

The confirmation id allows the user to configure certain actions to always be confirmed or always denied, and for UIs to specialize the display of particular confirmations.

ParameterspromptSuggested text to display to the user.
prompt_kwargsA dictionary of arguments that can be string-interpolated into the prompt.
confirmation_idUnique string identifier for the confirmation.
def __repr__(self):
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