b.t.s.ParamikoVendor(SSHVendor) : class documentation

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Vendor that uses paramiko.
Method connect_sftp Make an SSH connection, and return an SFTPClient.
Method connect_ssh Make an SSH connection.
Method _connect Undocumented

Inherited from SSHVendor:

Method _raise_connection_error Raise a SocketConnectionError with properly formatted host.
def _connect(self, username, password, host, port):
def connect_sftp(self, username, password, host, port):
Make an SSH connection, and return an SFTPClient.
Parametersusernamean ascii string
passwordan ascii string
hosta host name as an ascii string
porta port number (type: int)
Returns (type: paramiko.sftp_client.SFTPClient)
RaisesConnectionError if it cannot connect.
def connect_ssh(self, username, password, host, port, command):
Make an SSH connection.
Returnsan SSHConnection.
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