b.t.ftp : package documentation

Part of bzrlib.transport

Implementation of Transport over ftp.

Written by Daniel Silverstone <dsilvers@digital-scurf.org> with serious cargo-culting from the sftp transport and the http transport.

It provides the ftp:// and aftp:// protocols where ftp:// is passive ftp and aftp:// is active ftp. Most people will want passive ftp for traversing NAT and other firewalls, so it's best to use it unless you explicitly want active, in which case aftp:// will be your friend.

Module _gssapi Support for secure authentication using GSSAPI over FTP.

From the __init__.py module:

Class FtpPathError FTP failed for path: %(path)s%(extra)s
Class FtpStatResult Undocumented
Class FtpTransport This is the transport agent for ftp:// access.
Function get_test_permutations Return the permutations to be used in testing.
def get_test_permutations():
Return the permutations to be used in testing.
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