b.t.c.ChrootServer(pathfilter.PathFilteringServer) : class documentation

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Known subclasses: bzrlib.tests.test_server.TestingChrootServer

User space 'chroot' facility.

The server's get_url returns the url for a chroot transport mapped to the backing transport. The url is of the form chroot-xxx:/// so parent directories of the backing transport are not visible. The chroot url will not allow '..' sequences to result in requests to the chroot affecting directories outside the backing transport.

PathFilteringServer does all the path sanitation needed to enforce a chroot, so this is a simple subclass of PathFilteringServer that ignores filter_func.

Method __init__ Constructor.
Method start_server Setup the server to service requests.
Method _factory Undocumented

Inherited from PathFilteringServer:

Method get_url Undocumented
Method stop_server Remove the server and cleanup any resources it owns.
def __init__(self, backing_transport):
Parametersbacking_transporta transport
filter_funca callable that takes paths, and translates them into paths for use with the backing transport.
def _factory(self, url):
def start_server(self):
Setup the server to service requests.
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