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A TreeTransform for generating preview trees.

Unlike TreeTransform, this version works when the input tree is a RevisionTree, rather than a WorkingTree. As a result, it tends to ignore unversioned files in the input tree.

Method __init__ Constructor.
Method canonical_path Undocumented
Method tree_kind Undocumented
Method iter_tree_children Iterate through the entry's tree children, if any
Method new_orphan Schedule an item to be orphaned.
Method _set_mode Set the mode of new file contents.

Inherited from DiskTreeTransform:

Method finalize Release the working tree lock, if held, clean up limbo dir.
Method adjust_path Change the path that is assigned to a transaction id.
Method create_file Schedule creation of a new file.
Method create_hardlink Schedule creation of a hard link
Method create_directory Schedule creation of a new directory.
Method create_symlink Schedule creation of a new symbolic link.
Method cancel_creation Cancel the creation of new file contents.
Method _limbo_name Generate the limbo name of a file
Method _generate_limbo_path Generate a limbo path using the trans_id as the relative path.
Method _rename_in_limbo Fix limbo names so that the right final path is produced.
Method _limbo_descendants Return the set of trans_ids whose limbo paths descend from this.
Method _read_file_chunks Undocumented
Method _read_symlink_target Undocumented
Method _set_mtime All files that are created get the same mtime.

Inherited from TreeTransformBase (via DiskTreeTransform):

Method __enter__ Support Context Manager API.
Method __exit__ Support Context Manager API.
Method create_path Assign a transaction id to a new path
Method adjust_root_path Emulate moving the root by moving all children, instead.
Method fixup_new_roots Reinterpret requests to change the root directory
Method trans_id_tree_file_id Determine the transaction id of a working tree file.
Method trans_id_file_id Determine or set the transaction id associated with a file ID.
Method trans_id_tree_path Determine (and maybe set) the transaction ID for a tree path.
Method get_tree_parent Determine id of the parent in the tree.
Method delete_contents Schedule the contents of a path entry for deletion
Method cancel_deletion Cancel a scheduled deletion
Method unversion_file Schedule a path entry to become unversioned
Method delete_versioned Delete and unversion a versioned file
Method set_executability Schedule setting of the 'execute' bit
Method set_tree_reference Set the reference associated with a directory
Method version_file Schedule a file to become versioned.
Method cancel_versioning Undo a previous versioning of a file
Method new_paths Determine the paths of all new and changed files.
Method final_kind Determine the final file kind, after any changes applied.
Method tree_file_id Determine the file id associated with the trans_id in the tree
Method final_file_id Determine the file id after any changes are applied, or None.
Method inactive_file_id Return the inactive file_id associated with a transaction id.
Method final_parent Determine the parent file_id, after any changes are applied.
Method final_name Determine the final filename, after all changes are applied.
Method by_parent Return a map of parent: children for known parents.
Method path_changed Return True if a trans_id's path has changed.
Method new_contents Undocumented
Method find_conflicts Find any violations of inventory or filesystem invariants
Method has_named_child Undocumented
Method new_file Convenience method to create files.
Method new_directory Convenience method to create directories.
Method new_symlink Convenience method to create symbolic link.
Method iter_changes Produce output in the same format as Tree.iter_changes.
Method get_preview_tree Return a tree representing the result of the transform.
Method commit Commit the result of this TreeTransform to a branch.
Method serialize Serialize this TreeTransform.
Method deserialize Deserialize a stored TreeTransform.
Method __get_root Undocumented
Method _assign_id Produce a new tranform id
Method _inventory_altered Determine which trans_ids need new Inventory entries.
Method _check_malformed Undocumented
Method _add_tree_children Add all the children of all active parents to the known paths.
Method _has_named_child Does a parent already have a name child.
Method _available_backup_name Find an available backup name.
Method _parent_loops No entry should be its own ancestor
Method _unversioned_parents If parent directories are versioned, children must be versioned.
Method _improper_versioning Cannot version a file with no contents, or a bad type.
Method _executability_conflicts Check for bad executability changes.
Method _overwrite_conflicts Check for overwrites (not permitted on Win32)
Method _duplicate_entries No directory may have two entries with the same name.
Method _duplicate_ids Each inventory id may only be used once
Method _parent_type_conflicts Children must have a directory parent
Method _set_executability Set the executability of versioned files
Method _new_entry Helper function to create a new filesystem entry.
Method _get_potential_orphans Find the potential orphans in a directory.
Method _affected_ids Return the set of transform ids affected by the transform
Method _get_file_id_maps Return mapping of file_ids to trans_ids in the to and from states
Method _from_file_data Get data about a file in the from (tree) state
Method _to_file_data Get data about a file in the to (target) state
Method _text_parent Undocumented
Method _get_parents_texts Get texts for compression parents of this file.
Method _get_parents_lines Get lines for compression parents of this file.
def __init__(self, tree, pb=None, case_sensitive=True):
:param tree: The tree that will be transformed, but not necessarily
    the output tree.
:param limbodir: A directory where new files can be stored until
    they are installed in their proper places
:param pb: ignored
:param case_sensitive: If True, the target of the transform is
    case sensitive, not just case preserving.
def canonical_path(self, path):
def tree_kind(self, trans_id):
def _set_mode(self, trans_id, mode_id, typefunc):
Set the mode of new file contents. The mode_id is the existing file to get the mode from (often the same as trans_id). The operation is only performed if there's a mode match according to typefunc.
def iter_tree_children(self, parent_id):
Iterate through the entry's tree children, if any
def new_orphan(self, trans_id, parent_id):
Schedule an item to be orphaned.

When a directory is about to be removed, its children, if they are not versioned are moved out of the way: they don't have a parent anymore.

Parameterstrans_idThe trans_id of the existing item.
parent_idThe parent trans_id of the item.
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