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Two-way merge. In a two way merge, common regions are shown as unconflicting, and uncommon regions produce conflicts.
Method __init__ Undocumented
Method _merge_struct Return structured merge info.

Inherited from TextMerge:

Method struct_to_lines Convert merge result tuples to lines
Method iter_useful Iterate through input tuples, skipping empty ones.
Method merge_lines Produce an iterable of lines, suitable for writing to a file
Method merge_struct Produce structured merge info
Static Method reprocess_struct Perform a two-way merge on structural merge info.
def __init__(self, lines_a, lines_b, a_marker=TextMerge.A_MARKER, b_marker=TextMerge.B_MARKER, split_marker=TextMerge.SPLIT_MARKER):
def _merge_struct(self):
Return structured merge info. See TextMerge docstring.
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