b.t.t.SampleExtraTreeFormat(workingtree.WorkingTreeFormat) : class documentation

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A sample format that does not support use in a metadir.
Method get_format_string Return the ASCII format string that identifies this format.
Method initialize Initialize a new working tree in controldir.
Method is_supported Is this format supported?
Method open Undocumented

Inherited from WorkingTreeFormat:

Class Method find_format_string Return format name for the working tree object in controldir.
Class Method find_format Return the format for the working tree object in controldir.
Method __eq__ Undocumented
Method __ne__ Undocumented
Class Method get_default_format Return the current default format.
Method get_format_description Return the short description for this format.
Method supports_content_filtering True if this format supports content filtering.
Method supports_views True if this format supports stored views.
Class Method register_format Undocumented
Class Method register_extra_format Undocumented
Class Method unregister_extra_format Undocumented
Class Method get_formats Undocumented
Class Method set_default_format Undocumented
Class Method unregister_format Undocumented
Method get_controldir_for_branch Get the control directory format for creating branches.
def get_format_string(self):
Return the ASCII format string that identifies this format.
def initialize(self, a_bzrdir, revision_id=None, from_branch=None, accelerator_tree=None, hardlink=False):
Initialize a new working tree in controldir.
ParameterscontroldirControlDir to initialize the working tree in.
revision_idallows creating a working tree at a different revision than the branch is at.
from_branchBranch to checkout
accelerator_treeA tree which can be used for retrieving file contents more quickly than the revision tree, i.e. a workingtree. The revision tree will be used for cases where accelerator_tree's content is different.
hardlinkIf true, hard-link files from accelerator_tree, where possible.
def is_supported(self):
Is this format supported?

Supported formats can be initialized and opened. Unsupported formats may not support initialization or committing or some other features depending on the reason for not being supported.

def open(self, transport, _found=False):
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