b.t.test_weave : module documentation

Part of bzrlib.tests

test suite for weave algorithm
Class TestBase No class docstring; 1/1 methods documented
Class WeaveContains Weave __contains__ operator
Class Easy Undocumented
Class AnnotateOne Undocumented
Class InvalidAdd Try to use invalid version number during add.
Class RepeatedAdd Add the same version twice; harmless.
Class InvalidRepeatedAdd Undocumented
Class InsertLines Store a revision that adds one line to the original.
Class DeleteLines Deletion of lines from existing text.
Class SuicideDelete Invalid weave which tries to add and delete simultaneously.
Class CannedDelete Unpack canned weave with deleted lines.
Class CannedReplacement Unpack canned weave with deleted lines.
Class BadWeave Test that we trap an insert which should not occur.
Class BadInsert Test that we trap an insert which should not occur.
Class InsertNested Insertion with nested instructions.
Class DeleteLines2 Test recording revisions that delete lines.
Class IncludeVersions Check texts that are stored across multiple revisions.
Class DivergedIncludes Weave with two diverged texts based on version 0.
Class ReplaceLine Undocumented
Class Merge Storage of versions that merge diverged parents
Class Conflicts Test detection of conflicting regions during a merge.
Class NonConflict Two descendants insert compatible changes.
Class Khayyam Test changes to multi-line texts, and read/write
Class JoinWeavesTests Undocumented
Class TestWeave Undocumented
Class InstrumentedWeave Keep track of how many times functions are called.
Class TestNeedsReweave Internal corner cases for when reweave is needed.
Class TestWeaveFile Undocumented
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