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Method compare Return the changes from source to target.
Class Method is_compatible Undocumented

Inherited from InterTree:

Method iter_changes Generate an iterator of changes between trees.
Method file_content_matches Check if two files are the same in the source and target trees.
Method _changes_from_entries Generate a iter_changes tuple between source_entry and target_entry.
Method _get_entry Get an inventory entry from a tree, with missing entries as None.
Method _handle_precise_ids Fill out a partial iter_changes to be consistent.

Inherited from InterObject (via InterTree):

Method __init__ Construct a default InterObject instance. Please use 'get'.
Class Method get Retrieve a Inter worker object for these objects.
Method lock_read Take out a logical read lock.
Method lock_write Take out a logical write lock.
Class Method register_optimiser Register an InterObject optimiser.
Method unlock Release the locks on source and target.
Class Method unregister_optimiser Unregister an InterObject optimiser.
Method _double_lock Take out two locks, rolling back the first if the second throws.
def compare(self, want_unchanged=False, specific_files=None, extra_trees=None, require_versioned=False, include_root=False, want_unversioned=False):
Return the changes from source to target.
Parametersspecific_filesAn optional list of file paths to restrict the comparison to. When mapping filenames to ids, all matches in all trees (including optional extra_trees) are used, and all children of matched directories are included.
want_unchangedAn optional boolean requesting the inclusion of unchanged entries in the result.
extra_treesAn optional list of additional trees to use when mapping the contents of specific_files (paths) to file_ids.
require_versionedAn optional boolean (defaults to False). When supplied and True all the 'specific_files' must be versioned, or a PathsNotVersionedError will be thrown.
want_unversionedScan for unversioned paths.
ReturnsA TreeDelta.
def is_compatible(klass, source, target):
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