b.t.test_transform : module documentation

Part of bzrlib.tests

No module docstring
Class TestTreeTransform No class docstring; 16/90 methods documented
Class TransformGroup Undocumented
Function conflict_text Undocumented
Class TestInventoryAltered Undocumented
Class TestTransformMerge Undocumented
Class TestBuildTree No class docstring; 6/20 methods documented
Class TestCommitTransform No class docstring; 1/13 methods documented
Class TestBackupName Undocumented
Class TestFileMover Undocumented
Class Bogus Undocumented
Class TestTransformRollback Undocumented
Class TestFinalizeRobustness Ensure treetransform creation errors can be safely cleaned up after
Class TestTransformMissingParent Undocumented
Class TestTransformPreview Undocumented
Class FakeSerializer Serializer implementation that simply returns the input.
Class TestSerializeTransform Undocumented
Class TestOrphan Undocumented
def conflict_text(tree, merge):
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