b.t.t.InstrumentedTransportStore(TransportStore) : class documentation

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An instrumented TransportStore.

Here we replace template method worker methods with calls that record the expected results.

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method _add Actually add the file to the given location.

Inherited from TransportStore:

Method add Add contents of a file into the store.
Method has_id See Store.has_id.
Method get See Store.get().
Method __iter__ Undocumented
Method __len__ Undocumented
Method __repr__ Undocumented
Method listable Return True if this store is able to be listed.
Method register_suffix Register a suffix as being expected in this store.
Method total_size Return (count, bytes)
Method _check_fileid Undocumented
Method _id_to_names Return the names in the expected order
Method _get_name A special check, which returns the name of an existing file.
Method _get Return an vanilla file stream for clients to read from.
Method _iter_files_recursive Iterate through the files in the transport.
Method _relpath Undocumented

Inherited from Store (via TransportStore):

Method __getitem__ DEPRECATED. Please use .get(fileid) instead.
Method copy_all_ids Copy all the file ids from store_from into self.
Method copy_multi Copy texts for ids from other into self.
Method _copy_one Most generic copy-one object routine.
def _add(self, filename, file):
Actually add the file to the given location. This should be overridden by children.
def __init__(self, transport, prefixed=False):
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