b.t.t.CommonSmartProtocolTestMixin(object) : class documentation

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Known subclasses: bzrlib.tests.test_smart_transport.TestVersionOneFeaturesInProtocolOne, bzrlib.tests.test_smart_transport.TestVersionOneFeaturesInProtocolThree, bzrlib.tests.test_smart_transport.TestVersionOneFeaturesInProtocolTwo

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Method test_connection_closed_reporting Undocumented
Method test_server_offset_serialisation The Smart protocol serialises offsets as a comma and
def test_connection_closed_reporting(self):
def test_server_offset_serialisation(self):

The Smart protocol serialises offsets as a comma and string.

We check a number of boundary cases are as expected: empty, one offset, one with the order of reads not increasing (an out of order read), and one that should coalesce.
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