b.t.t.ExpectShelver(shelf_ui.Shelver) : class documentation

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A variant of Shelver that intercepts console activity, for testing.
Method __init__ Constructor.
Method expect Undocumented
Method prompt Undocumented

Inherited from Shelver:

Class Method from_args Create a shelver from commandline arguments.
Method run Interactively shelve the changes.
Method finalize Undocumented
Method get_parsed_patch Return a parsed version of a file's patch.
Method prompt_bool Prompt the user with a yes/no question.
Method handle_modify_text Handle modified text, by using hunk selection or file editing.
Method _select_hunks Provide diff hunk selection for modified text.
Method _edit_file
Static Method _count_changed_regions Undocumented
def __init__(self, work_tree, target_tree, diff_writer=None, auto=False, auto_apply=False, file_list=None, message=None, destroy=False, reporter=None):
Parameterswork_treeThe working tree to shelve changes from.
target_treeThe "unchanged" / old tree to compare the work_tree to.
autoIf True, shelve each possible change.
auto_applyIf True, shelve changes with no final prompt.
file_listIf supplied, only files in this list may be shelved.
messageThe message to associate with the shelved changes.
destroyChange the working tree without storing the shelved changes.
managerThe shelf manager to use.
reporterObject for reporting changes to user.
def expect(self, message, response):
def prompt(self, message, choices, default):
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