b.t.t.TestingSmartConnectionHandler(SocketServer.BaseRequestHandler, medium.SmartServerSocketStreamMedium) : class documentation

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Method __init__ Constructor.
Method handle Undocumented

Inherited from SmartServerSocketStreamMedium:

Method __str__ Undocumented
Method __repr__ Undocumented
Method terminate_due_to_error Called when an unhandled exception from the protocol occurs.
Method _serve_one_request_unguarded Undocumented
Method _disconnect_client Close the current connection. We stopped due to a timeout/etc.
Method _wait_for_bytes_with_timeout Wait for more bytes to be read, but timeout if none available.
Method _read_bytes Get some bytes from the medium.
Method _write_out Undocumented

Inherited from SmartServerStreamMedium (via SmartServerSocketStreamMedium):

Method serve Serve requests until the client disconnects.
Method _stop_gracefully When we finish this message, stop looking for more.
Method _build_protocol Identifies the version of the incoming request, and returns an
Method _wait_on_descriptor select() on a file descriptor, waiting for nonblocking read()
Method _serve_one_request Read one request from input, process, send back a response.

Inherited from SmartMedium (via SmartServerSocketStreamMedium, SmartServerStreamMedium):

Method read_bytes Read some bytes from this medium.
Method _push_back Return unused bytes to the medium, because they belong to the next
Method _get_push_back_buffer Undocumented
Method _get_line Read bytes from this request's response until a newline byte.
Method _report_activity Notify that this medium has activity.
def __init__(self, request, client_address, server):
Parameterssockthe socket the server will read from. It will be put into blocking mode.
def handle(self):
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