b.t.test_revisionspec : module documentation

Part of bzrlib.tests

No module docstring
Function spec_in_history A simple helper to change a revision spec into a branch search
Class TestRevisionSpec No class docstring; 1/6 methods documented
Class RevisionSpecMatchOnTrap Undocumented
Class TestRevisionSpecBase Undocumented
Class TestOddRevisionSpec Test things that aren't normally thought of as revision specs
Class RevisionSpec_bork Undocumented
Class TestRevisionSpec_dwim Undocumented
Class TestRevisionSpec_revno No class docstring; 1/19 methods documented
Class TestRevisionSpec_revid No class docstring; 3/7 methods documented
Class TestRevisionSpec_last Undocumented
Class TestRevisionSpec_before Undocumented
Class TestRevisionSpec_tag Undocumented
Class TestRevisionSpec_date Undocumented
Class TestRevisionSpec_ancestor Undocumented
Class TestRevisionSpec_branch Undocumented
Class TestRevisionSpec_submit Undocumented
Class TestRevisionSpec_mainline Undocumented
Class TestRevisionSpec_annotate Undocumented
def spec_in_history(spec, branch):
A simple helper to change a revision spec into a branch search
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