b.t.test_revision : module documentation

Part of bzrlib.tests

No module docstring
Function make_branches Create two branches
Class TestIsAncestor No class docstring; 1/1 methods documented
Class TestIntermediateRevisions Undocumented
Class MockRevisionSource A RevisionSource that takes a pregenerated graph.
Class TestCommonAncestor Test checking whether a revision is an ancestor of another revision
Class TestReservedId Undocumented
Class TestRevisionMethods Undocumented
Class TestRevisionBugs Tests for getting the bugs that a revision is linked to.
def make_branches(self, format=None):
Create two branches

branch 1 has 6 commits, branch 2 has 3 commits commit 10 is a ghosted merge merge from branch 1

the object graph is B: A: a..0 a..0 a..1 a..1 a..2 a..2 b..3 a..3 merges b..4 b..4 a..4 b..5 a..5 merges b..5 b..6 merges a4

so A is missing b6 at the start and B is missing a3, a4, a5

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