b.t.test_remote : module documentation

Part of bzrlib.tests

Tests for remote bzrdir/branch/repo/etc

These are proxy objects which act on remote objects by sending messages through a smart client. The proxies are to be created when attempting to open the object given a transport that supports smartserver rpc operations.

These tests correspond to tests.test_smart, which exercises the server side.

Class BasicRemoteObjectTests No class docstring; 1/13 methods documented
Class FakeProtocol Lookalike SmartClientRequestProtocolOne allowing body reading tests.
Class FakeClient Lookalike for _SmartClient allowing testing.
Class FakeMedium Undocumented
Class TestVfsHas Undocumented
Class TestRemote No class docstring; 1/3 methods documented
Class Test_ClientMedium_remote_path_from_transport Tests for the behaviour of client_medium.remote_path_from_transport.
Class Test_ClientMedium_remote_is_at_least Tests for the behaviour of client_medium.remote_is_at_least.
Class TestBzrDirCloningMetaDir Undocumented
Class TestBzrDirOpen Undocumented
Class TestBzrDirOpenBranch No class docstring; 1/8 methods documented
Class TestBzrDirCreateBranch No class docstring; 1/3 methods documented
Class TestBzrDirCreateRepository Undocumented
Class TestBzrDirOpenRepository Undocumented
Class TestBzrDirFormatInitializeEx No class docstring; 3/3 methods documented
Class OldSmartClient A fake smart client for test_old_version that just returns a version one
Class OldServerTransport A fake transport for test_old_server that reports it's smart server
Class RemoteBzrDirTestCase No class docstring; 1/1 methods documented
Class RemoteBranchTestCase No class docstring; 2/2 methods documented
Class TestBranchGetParent Undocumented
Class TestBranchSetParentLocation Undocumented
Class TestBranchGetTagsBytes Undocumented
Class TestBranchSetTagsBytes Undocumented
Class TestBranchHeadsToFetch Undocumented
Class TestBranchLastRevisionInfo Undocumented
Class TestBranch_get_stacked_on_url Test Branch._get_stacked_on_url rpc
Class TestBranchSetLastRevision No class docstring; 1/4 methods documented
Class TestBranchSetLastRevisionInfo No class docstring; 2/5 methods documented
Class TestBranchGetSetConfig Undocumented
Class TestBranchLockWrite Undocumented
Class TestBzrDirGetSetConfig Undocumented
Class TestTransportIsReadonly No class docstring; 1/3 methods documented
Class TestTransportMkdir Undocumented
Class TestRemoteSSHTransportAuthentication Undocumented
Class TestRemoteRepository Base for testing RemoteRepository protocol usage.
Function remoted_description Undocumented
Class TestBranchFormat Undocumented
Class TestRepositoryFormat Undocumented
Class TestRepositoryGatherStats Undocumented
Class TestRepositoryGetGraph Undocumented
Class TestRepositoryGetParentMap No class docstring; 2/9 methods documented
Class TestGetParentMapAllowsNew No class docstring; 1/1 methods documented
Class TestRepositoryGetRevisionGraph Undocumented
Class TestRepositoryGetRevIdForRevno No class docstring; 2/5 methods documented
Class TestRepositoryIsShared Undocumented
Class TestRepositoryLockWrite Undocumented
Class TestRepositorySetMakeWorkingTrees Undocumented
Class TestRepositoryUnlock Undocumented
Class TestRepositoryHasRevision Undocumented
Class TestRepositoryInsertStreamBase Base class for Repository.insert_stream and .insert_stream_1.19
Class TestRepositoryInsertStream Tests for using Repository.insert_stream verb when the _1.19 variant is
Class TestRepositoryInsertStream_1_19 Undocumented
Class TestRepositoryTarball Undocumented
Class TestRemoteRepositoryCopyContent RemoteRepository.copy_content_into optimizations
Class TestRemotePackRepositoryAutoPack Tests for RemoteRepository.autopack implementation.
Class TestErrorTranslationBase Base class for unit tests for bzrlib.remote._translate_error.
Class TestErrorTranslationSuccess Unit tests for bzrlib.remote._translate_error.
Class TestErrorTranslationRobustness Unit tests for bzrlib.remote._translate_error's robustness.
Class TestStacking Tests for operations on stacked remote repositories.
Class TestRemoteBranchEffort No class docstring; 1/6 methods documented
Class TestUpdateBoundBranchWithModifiedBoundLocation Ensure correct handling of bound_location modifications.
Class _StubRealPackRepository Undocumented
Class _StubPackCollection Undocumented
def remoted_description(format):
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