b.t.test_permissions : module documentation

Part of bzrlib.tests

Tests for bzr setting permissions.

Files which are created underneath .bzr/ should inherit its permissions. So if the directory is group writable, the files and subdirs should be as well.

In the future, when we have Repository/Branch/Checkout information, the permissions should be inherited individually, rather than all be the same.

Function chmod_r Recursively chmod from a base directory
Function check_mode_r Check that all permissions match
Class TestPermissions Undocumented
Class TestSftpPermissions Undocumented
def chmod_r(base, file_mode, dir_mode):
Recursively chmod from a base directory
def check_mode_r(test, base, file_mode, dir_mode, include_base=True):
Check that all permissions match
ParameterstestThe TestCase being run
baseThe path to the root directory to check
file_modeThe mode for all files
dir_modeThe mode for all directories
include_baseIf false, only check the subdirectories
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