b.t.t.HookMailClient(mail_client.MailClient) : class documentation

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Mail client for testing hooks.
Method __init__ Undocumented
Method compose Compose (and possibly send) an email message

Inherited from MailClient:

Method compose_merge_request Compose (and possibly send) a merge request
Method _get_merge_prompt Generate a prompt string. Overridden by Editor.
def __init__(self, config):
def compose(self, prompt, to, subject, attachment, mime_subtype, extension, basename=None, body=None):
Compose (and possibly send) an email message

Must be implemented by subclasses.

ParameterspromptA message to tell the user what to do. Supported by the Editor client, but ignored by others
toThe address to send the message to
subjectThe contents of the subject line
attachmentAn email attachment, as a bytestring
mime_subtypeThe attachment is assumed to be a subtype of Text. This allows the precise subtype to be specified, e.g. "plain", "x-patch", etc.
extensionThe file extension associated with the attachment type, e.g. ".patch"
basenameThe name to use for the attachment, e.g. "send-nick-3252"
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