b.t.t.LogCatcher(log.LogFormatter) : class documentation

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Pull log messages into a list rather than displaying them.

To simplify testing we save logged revisions here rather than actually formatting anything, so that we can precisely check the result without being dependent on the formatting.

Method __init__ Create a LogFormatter.
Method log_revision Log a revision.

Inherited from LogFormatter:

Method get_levels Get the number of levels to display or 0 for all.
Method show_advice Output user advice, if any, when the log is completed.
Method get_advice_separator Get the text separating the log from the closing advice.
Method short_committer Undocumented
Method short_author Undocumented
Method authors Generate list of authors, taking --authors option into account.
Method merge_marker Get the merge marker to include in the output or '' if none.
Method show_properties Displays the custom properties returned by each registered handler.
Method custom_properties Format the custom properties returned by each registered handler.
Method show_diff Undocumented
Method _foreign_info_properties Custom log displayer for foreign revision identifiers.
Method _format_properties Undocumented
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
Create a LogFormatter.
Parametersto_filethe file to output to
to_exact_fileif set, gives an output stream to which non-Unicode diffs are written.
show_idsif True, revision-ids are to be displayed
show_timezonethe timezone to use
delta_formatthe level of delta information to display or None to leave it to the formatter to decide
levelsthe number of levels to display; None or -1 to let the log formatter decide.
show_advicewhether to show advice at the end of the log or not
author_list_handlercallable generating a list of authors to display for a given revision
def log_revision(self, revision):
Log a revision.
ParametersrevisionThe LogRevision to be logged.
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