b.t.test_http : module documentation

Part of bzrlib.tests

Tests for HTTP implementations.

This module defines a load_tests() method that parametrize tests classes for transport implementation, http protocol versions and authentication schemes.

Function vary_by_http_client_implementation Test the two libraries we can use, pycurl and urllib.
Function vary_by_http_protocol_version Test on http/1.0 and 1.1
Function vary_by_http_auth_scheme Undocumented
Function vary_by_http_proxy_auth_scheme Undocumented
Function vary_by_http_activity Undocumented
Class FakeManager Undocumented
Class RecordingServer A fake HTTP server.
Class TestAuthHeader Undocumented
Class TestHTTPRangeParsing Undocumented
Class TestHTTPServer Test the HTTP servers implementations.
Class TestWithTransport_pycurl Test case to inherit from if pycurl is present
Class TestHttpUrls Undocumented
Class TestHttpTransportUrls Test the http urls.
Class TestHttps_pycurl No class docstring; 1/1 methods documented
Class TestHTTPConnections Test the http connections.
Class TestHttpTransportRegistration Test registrations of various http implementations
Class TestPost Undocumented
Class TestRangeHeader Test range_header method
Class TestSpecificRequestHandler Tests a specific request handler.
Class WallRequestHandler Whatever request comes in, close the connection
Class TestWallServer Tests exceptions during the connection phase
Class BadStatusRequestHandler Whatever request comes in, returns a bad status
Class TestBadStatusServer Tests bad status from server.
Class InvalidStatusRequestHandler Whatever request comes in, returns an invalid status
Class TestInvalidStatusServer Tests invalid status from server.
Class BadProtocolRequestHandler Whatever request comes in, returns a bad protocol version
Class TestBadProtocolServer Tests bad protocol from server.
Class ForbiddenRequestHandler 0 Whatever request comes in, returns a 403 code
Class TestForbiddenServer Tests forbidden server
Class TestRecordingServer Undocumented
Class TestRangeRequestServer Tests readv requests against server.
Class SingleRangeRequestHandler Always reply to range request as if they were single.
Class TestSingleRangeRequestServer Test readv against a server which accept only single range requests
Class SingleOnlyRangeRequestHandler Only reply to simple range requests, errors out on multiple
Class TestSingleOnlyRangeRequestServer Test readv against a server which only accept single range requests
Class NoRangeRequestHandler Ignore range requests without notice
Class TestNoRangeRequestServer Test readv against a server which do not accept range requests
Class MultipleRangeWithoutContentLengthRequestHandler Reply to multiple range requests without content length header.
Class TestMultipleRangeWithoutContentLengthServer Undocumented
Class TruncatedMultipleRangeRequestHandler Reply to multiple range requests truncating the last ones.
Class TestTruncatedMultipleRangeServer Undocumented
Class TruncatedBeforeBoundaryRequestHandler Truncation before a boundary, like in bug 198646
Class TestTruncatedBeforeBoundary Tests the case of bug 198646, disconnecting before a boundary.
Class LimitedRangeRequestHandler Errors out when range specifiers exceed the limit
Class LimitedRangeHTTPServer An HttpServer erroring out on requests with too much range specifiers
Class TestLimitedRangeRequestServer Tests readv requests against a server erroring out on too much ranges.
Class TestHttpProxyWhiteBox Whitebox test proxy http authorization.
Class TestProxyHttpServer Tests proxy server.
Class TestRanges Test the Range header in GET methods.
Class TestHTTPRedirections Test redirection between http servers.
Class RedirectedRequest Request following redirections.
Function install_redirected_request Undocumented
Function cleanup_http_redirection_connections Undocumented
Class TestHTTPSilentRedirections Test redirections.
Class TestDoCatchRedirections Test transport.do_catching_redirections.
Class TestUrllib2AuthHandler Unit tests for glue by which urllib2 asks us for authentication
Class TestAuth Test authentication scheme
Class TestProxyAuth Test proxy authentication schemes.
Class SampleSocket A socket-like object for use in testing the HTTP request handler.
Class SmartHTTPTunnellingTest Undocumented
Class ForbiddenRequestHandler No smart server here request handler.
Class SmartClientAgainstNotSmartServer Test smart client behaviour against an http server without smarts.
Class Test_redirected_to Undocumented
Class PredefinedRequestHandler Request handler for a unique and pre-defined request.
Class ActivityServerMixin Undocumented
Class ActivityHTTPServer Undocumented
Class ActivityHTTPSServer Undocumented
Class TestActivityMixin Test socket activity reporting.
Class TestActivity Undocumented
Class TestNoReportActivity Undocumented
Class TestAuthOnRedirected Test authentication on the redirected http server.
Function _setup_authentication_config Undocumented
def vary_by_http_client_implementation():
Test the two libraries we can use, pycurl and urllib.
def vary_by_http_protocol_version():
Test on http/1.0 and 1.1
def vary_by_http_auth_scheme():
def vary_by_http_proxy_auth_scheme():
def vary_by_http_activity():
def install_redirected_request(test):
def cleanup_http_redirection_connections(test):
def _setup_authentication_config(**kwargs):
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