b.t.test_config : module documentation

Part of bzrlib.tests

Tests for finding and reading the bzr config file[s].
Function lockable_config_scenarios Undocumented
Function build_backing_branch Test helper to create a backing branch only once.
Function build_branch_store Undocumented
Function build_control_store Undocumented
Function build_remote_branch_store Undocumented
Function build_branch_stack Undocumented
Function build_remote_branch_stack Undocumented
Function build_remote_control_stack Undocumented
Function create_configs Create configuration files for a given test.
Function create_configs_with_file_option Create configuration files with a file option set in each.
Class TestOptionsMixin Undocumented
Class InstrumentedConfigObj A config obj look-enough-alike to record calls made to it.
Class FakeBranch Undocumented
Class FakeControlFilesAndTransport Undocumented
Class InstrumentedConfig An instrumented config that supplies stubs for template methods.
Class TestConfigObj No class docstring; 1/3 methods documented
Class TestConfigObjErrors Undocumented
Class TestConfig Undocumented
Class TestConfigPath Undocumented
Class TestXDGConfigDir No class docstring; 2/3 methods documented
Class TestIniConfig Undocumented
Class TestIniConfigBuilding No class docstring; 1/7 methods documented
Class TestIniConfigSaving Undocumented
Class TestIniConfigOptionExpansionDefaultValue What is the default value of expand for config options.
Class TestIniConfigOptionExpansion Test option expansion from the IniConfig level.
Class TestLocationConfigOptionExpansion Undocumented
Class TestIniBaseConfigOnDisk Undocumented
Class TestLockableConfig Undocumented
Class TestGetUserOptionAs Undocumented
Class TestSupressWarning Undocumented
Class TestGetConfig Undocumented
Class TestBranchConfig No class docstring; 4/9 methods documented
Class TestGlobalConfigItems Undocumented
Class TestGlobalConfigSavingOptions Undocumented
Class TestLocationConfig No class docstring; 1/42 methods documented
Class TestBranchConfigItems Undocumented
Class TestMailAddressExtraction Undocumented
Class TestTreeConfig No class docstring; 1/1 methods documented
Class TestTransportConfig No class docstring; 5/6 methods documented
Class TestOldConfigHooks Undocumented
Class TestOldConfigHooksForRemote Tests config hooks for remote configs.
Class TestOption Undocumented
Class TestOptionConverterMixin 0 Undocumented
Class TestOptionWithBooleanConverter 0 Undocumented
Class TestOptionWithIntegerConverter 0 Undocumented
Class TestOptionWithListConverter 0 Undocumented
Class TestOptionConverterMixin Undocumented
Class TestOptionWithBooleanConverter Undocumented
Class TestOptionWithIntegerConverter Undocumented
Class TestOptionWithListConverter Undocumented
Class TestOptionRegistry Undocumented
Class TestRegisteredOptions All registered options should verify some constraints.
Class TestSection Undocumented
Class TestMutableSection Undocumented
Class TestCommandLineSection Undocumented
Class TestStore No class docstring; 1/1 methods documented
Class TestReadonlyStore Undocumented
Class TestIniFileStoreContent Simulate loading a config store with content of various encodings.
Class TestIniConfigContent Simulate loading a IniBasedConfig with content of various encodings.
Class TestMutableStore Undocumented
Class TestIniFileStore Undocumented
Class TestLockableIniFileStore Undocumented
Class TestConcurrentStoreUpdates Test that Stores properly handle conccurent updates.
Class TestSectionMatcher Undocumented
Class TestLocationSection Undocumented
Class TestLocationMatcher Undocumented
Class TestNameMatcher Undocumented
Class TestStackGet 0 Undocumented
Class TestStackWithTransport Undocumented
Class TestConcreteStacks Undocumented
Class TestStackGet Undocumented
Class TestStackGetWithConverter Undocumented
Class TestStackExpandOptions Undocumented
Class TestStackCrossSectionsExpand Undocumented
Class TestStackSet Undocumented
Class TestStackRemove Undocumented
Class TestConfigGetOptions Undocumented
Class TestConfigRemoveOption Undocumented
Class TestConfigGetSections No class docstring; 1/9 methods documented
Class TestAuthenticationConfigFile Test the authentication.conf file matching
Class TestAuthenticationStorage Undocumented
Class TestAuthenticationConfig Test AuthenticationConfig behaviour
Class StubCredentialStore Undocumented
Class CountingCredentialStore Undocumented
Class TestCredentialStoreRegistry Undocumented
Class TestPlainTextCredentialStore Undocumented
Class TestAuthenticationRing Undocumented
Class TestAutoUserId Test inferring an automatic user name.
def lockable_config_scenarios():
def build_backing_branch(test, relpath, transport_class=None, server_class=None):
Test helper to create a backing branch only once.

Some tests needs multiple stores/stacks to check concurrent update behaviours. As such, they need to build different branch objects even if they share the branch on disk.

Either both or neither of transport_class and server_class should be specified.

ParametersrelpathThe relative path to the branch. (Note that the helper should always specify the same relpath).
transport_classThe Transport class the test needs to use.
server_classThe server associated with the transport_class above.
def build_branch_store(test):
def build_control_store(test):
def build_remote_branch_store(test):
def build_branch_stack(test):
def build_remote_branch_stack(test):
def build_remote_control_stack(test):
def create_configs(test):
Create configuration files for a given test.

This requires creating a tree (and populate the test.tree attribute) and its associated branch and will populate the following attributes:

  • branch_config: A BranchConfig for the associated branch.
  • locations_config : A LocationConfig for the associated branch
  • bazaar_config: A GlobalConfig.

The tree and branch are created in a 'tree' subdirectory so the tests can still use the test directory to stay outside of the branch.

def create_configs_with_file_option(test):
Create configuration files with a file option set in each.

This builds on create_configs and add one file option in each configuration with a value which allows identifying the configuration file.

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