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Method setUp Undocumented
Method check_transport_contents Check that transport.get_bytes(relpath) == content.
Method test_ensure_base_missing .ensure_base() should create the directory if it doesn't exist
Method test_ensure_base_exists .ensure_base() should just be happy if it already exists
Method test_ensure_base_missing_parent .ensure_base() will fail if the parent dir doesn't exist
Method test_external_url .external_url either works or raises InProcessTransport.
Method test_has Undocumented
Method test_has_root_works Undocumented
Method test_get Undocumented
Method test_get_unknown_file Undocumented
Method test_get_directory_read_gives_ReadError consistent errors for read() on a file returned by get().
Method test_get_bytes Undocumented
Method test_get_bytes_unknown_file Undocumented
Method test_get_with_open_write_stream_sees_all_content 0 Undocumented
Method test_get_bytes_with_open_write_stream_sees_all_content Undocumented
Method test_put_bytes Undocumented
Method test_put_bytes_non_atomic Undocumented
Method test_put_bytes_permissions Undocumented
Method test_put_bytes_non_atomic_permissions Undocumented
Method test_put_file Undocumented
Method test_put_file_non_atomic Undocumented
Method test_put_file_permissions Undocumented
Method test_put_file_non_atomic_permissions Undocumented
Method test_put_bytes_unicode Undocumented
Method test_put_file_unicode Undocumented
Method test_mkdir Undocumented
Method test_mkdir_permissions Undocumented
Method test_opening_a_file_stream_creates_file Undocumented
Method test_opening_a_file_stream_can_set_mode Undocumented
Method test_copy_to Undocumented
Method test_create_prefix Undocumented
Method test_append_file Undocumented
Method test_append_bytes Undocumented
Method test_append_multi Undocumented
Method test_append_file_mode Check that append accepts a mode parameter
Method test_append_bytes_mode Undocumented
Method test_delete Undocumented
Method test_recommended_page_size Transports recommend a page size for partial access to files.
Method test_rmdir Undocumented
Method test_rmdir_not_empty Deleting a non-empty directory raises an exception
Method test_rmdir_empty_but_similar_prefix rmdir does not get confused by sibling paths.
Method test_rename_dir_succeeds Undocumented
Method test_rename_dir_nonempty Attempting to replace a nonemtpy directory should fail
Method test_rename_across_subdirs Undocumented
Method test_delete_tree Undocumented
Method test_move Undocumented
Method test_copy Undocumented
Method test_connection_error ConnectionError is raised when connection is impossible.
Method test_stat Undocumented
Method test_hardlink Undocumented
Method test_symlink Undocumented
Method test_list_dir Undocumented
Method test_list_dir_result_is_url_escaped Undocumented
Method test_clone_preserve_info Undocumented
Method test__reuse_for Undocumented
Method test_connection_sharing Undocumented
Method test_reuse_connection_for_various_paths Undocumented
Method test_clone Undocumented
Method test_clone_to_root Undocumented
Method test_clone_from_root At the root, cloning to a simple dir should just do string append.
Method test_base_url Undocumented
Method test_relpath Undocumented
Method test_relpath_at_root Undocumented
Method test_abspath Undocumented
Method test_win32_abspath Undocumented
Method test_local_abspath Undocumented
Method test_abspath_at_root Undocumented
Method test_iter_files_recursive Undocumented
Method test_copy_tree Undocumented
Method test_copy_tree_to_transport Undocumented
Method test_unicode_paths Test that we can read/write files with Unicode names.
Method test_connect_twice_is_same_content Undocumented
Method test_lock_write Test transport-level write locks.
Method test_lock_read Test transport-level read locks.
Method test_readv Undocumented
Method test_readv_out_of_order Undocumented
Method test_readv_with_adjust_for_latency Undocumented
Method test_readv_with_adjust_for_latency_with_big_file Undocumented
Method test_get_with_open_write_stream_sees_all_content Undocumented
Method test_get_smart_medium All transports must either give a smart medium, or know they can't.
Method test_readv_short_read Undocumented
Method test_no_segment_parameters Segment parameters should be stripped and stored in
Method test_segment_parameters Segment parameters should be stripped and stored in
Method test_stat_symlink Undocumented

Inherited from TestTransportImplementation:

Method get_transport Return a connected transport to the local directory.

Inherited from TestCaseInTempDir (via TestTransportImplementation):

Method check_file_contents Undocumented
Method makeAndChdirToTestDir See TestCaseWithMemoryTransport.makeAndChdirToTestDir().
Method deleteTestDir Undocumented
Method build_tree Build a test tree according to a pattern.
Method assertInWorkingTree Assert whether path or paths are in the WorkingTree
Method assertNotInWorkingTree Assert whether path or paths are not in the WorkingTree
Method _getTestDirPrefix Undocumented

Inherited from TestCaseWithMemoryTransport (via TestTransportImplementation, TestCaseInTempDir):

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method get_readonly_transport Return a readonly transport for the test scratch space
Method create_transport_readonly_server Create a transport server from class defined at init.
Method get_readonly_server Get the server instance for the readonly transport
Method get_readonly_url Get a URL for the readonly transport.
Method get_vfs_only_server Get the vfs only read/write server instance.
Method get_server Get the read/write server instance.
Method get_url Get a URL (or maybe a path) for the readwrite transport.
Method get_vfs_only_url Get a URL (or maybe a path for the plain old vfs transport.
Method make_branch Create a branch on the transport at relpath.
Method get_default_format Undocumented
Method resolve_format Resolve an object to a ControlDir format object.
Method make_bzrdir Undocumented
Method make_repository Create a repository on our default transport at relpath.
Method make_smart_server Undocumented
Method make_branch_and_memory_tree Create a branch on the default transport and a MemoryTree for it.
Method make_branch_builder Undocumented
Method overrideEnvironmentForTesting Undocumented
Method setup_smart_server_with_call_log Sets up a smart server as the transport server with a call log.
Method reset_smart_call_log Undocumented
Method _adjust_url Get a URL (or maybe a path) for the readwrite transport.
Method _create_safety_net Make a fake bzr directory.
Method _check_safety_net Check that the safety .bzr directory have not been touched.
Method _make_test_root Undocumented

Inherited from TestCase (via TestTransportImplementation, TestCaseInTempDir, TestCaseWithMemoryTransport):

Method debug Undocumented
Method discardDetail Extend the addDetail, getDetails api so we can remove a detail.
Method install_counter_hook Install a counting hook.
Method disable_directory_isolation Turn off directory isolation checks.
Method enable_directory_isolation Enable directory isolation checks.
Method permit_dir Permit a directory to be used by this test. See permit_url.
Method permit_url Declare that url is an ok url to use in this test.
Method permit_source_tree_branch_repo Permit the source tree bzr is running from to be opened.
Method record_directory_isolation Gather accessed directories to permit later access.
Method start_server Start transport_server for this test.
Method assertEqual Undocumented
Method assertEqualDiff Assert two texts are equal, if not raise an exception.
Method assertEqualMode Undocumented
Method assertEqualStat assert that expected and actual are the same stat result.
Method assertLength Assert that obj_with_len is of length length.
Method assertLogsError Assert that func(*args, **kwargs) quietly logs a specific error.
Method assertPositive Assert that val is greater than 0.
Method assertNegative Assert that val is less than 0.
Method assertStartsWith Undocumented
Method assertEndsWith Asserts that s ends with suffix.
Method assertContainsRe Assert that a contains something matching a regular expression.
Method assertNotContainsRe Assert that a does not match a regular expression
Method assertContainsString Undocumented
Method assertNotContainsString Undocumented
Method assertSubset Assert that every entry in sublist is present in superlist.
Method assertListRaises Fail unless excClass is raised when the iterator from func is used.
Method assertRaises Assert that a callable raises a particular exception.
Method assertIs Undocumented
Method assertIsNot Undocumented
Method assertTransportMode Fail if a path does not have mode "mode".
Method assertIsSameRealPath Fail if path1 and path2 points to different files
Method assertIsInstance Fail if obj is not an instance of kls
Method assertFileEqual Fail if path does not contain 'content'.
Method assertDocstring Fail if obj does not have expected_docstring
Method failUnlessExists Undocumented
Method assertPathExists Fail unless path or paths, which may be abs or relative, exist.
Method failIfExists Undocumented
Method assertPathDoesNotExist Fail if path or paths, which may be abs or relative, exist.
Method applyDeprecated Call a deprecated callable without warning the user.
Method callCatchWarnings Call a callable that raises python warnings.
Method callDeprecated Assert that a callable is deprecated in a particular way.
Method thisFailsStrictLockCheck It is known that this test would fail with -Dstrict_locks.
Method overrideAttr Overrides an object attribute restoring it after the test.
Method overrideEnv Set an environment variable, and reset it after the test.
Method recordCalls Monkeypatch in a wrapper that will record calls.
Method knownFailure Declare that this test fails for a known reason
Method time Run callable and accrue the time it takes to the benchmark time.
Method log Undocumented
Method get_log Get a unicode string containing the log from bzrlib.trace.
Method requireFeature This test requires a specific feature is available.
Method run_bzr Invoke bzr, as if it were run from the command line.
Method run_bzr_error Run bzr, and check that stderr contains the supplied regexes
Method run_bzr_subprocess Run bzr in a subprocess for testing.
Method start_bzr_subprocess Start bzr in a subprocess for testing.
Method get_source_path Return the path of the directory containing bzrlib.
Method get_bzr_path Return the path of the 'bzr' executable for this test suite.
Method finish_bzr_subprocess Finish the execution of process.
Method check_tree_shape Compare a tree to a list of expected names.
Method apply_redirected Call callable with redirected std io pipes.
Method reduceLockdirTimeout Reduce the default lock timeout for the duration of the test, so that
Method make_utf8_encoded_stringio Return a StringIOWrapper instance, that will encode Unicode
Method disable_verb Disable a smart server verb for one test.
Method _install_config_stats_hooks Install config hooks to count hook calls.
Method _clear_debug_flags Prevent externally set debug flags affecting tests.
Method _clear_hooks Undocumented
Method _silenceUI Turn off UI for duration of test
Method _check_locks Check that all lock take/release actions have been paired.
Method _track_locks Track lock activity during tests.
Method _lock_acquired Undocumented
Method _lock_released Undocumented
Method _lock_broken Undocumented
Method _preopen_isolate_transport Check that all transport openings are done in the test work area.
Method _preopen_isolate_url Undocumented
Method _track_transports Install checks for transport usage.
Method _ndiff_strings Return ndiff between two strings containing lines.
Method _capture_deprecation_warnings A helper for callDeprecated and applyDeprecated.
Method _startLogFile Setup a in-memory target for bzr and testcase log messages
Method _finishLogFile Flush and dereference the in-memory log for this testcase
Method _cleanEnvironment Undocumented
Method _restoreHooks Undocumented
Method _suppress_log Remove the log info from details.
Method _do_skip Undocumented
Static Method _do_known_failure Undocumented
Static Method _do_not_applicable Undocumented
Static Method _report_skip Override the default _report_skip.
Static Method _report_expected_failure Strip the log.
Static Method _do_unsupported_or_skip Undocumented
Method _run_bzr_autosplit Run bazaar command line, splitting up a string command line.
Method _run_bzr_core Undocumented
Method _add_subprocess_log Undocumented
Method _subprocess_log_cleanup Undocumented
Method _popen Place a call to Popen.
def setUp(self):
def check_transport_contents(self, content, transport, relpath):
Check that transport.get_bytes(relpath) == content.
def test_ensure_base_missing(self):
.ensure_base() should create the directory if it doesn't exist
def test_ensure_base_exists(self):
.ensure_base() should just be happy if it already exists
def test_ensure_base_missing_parent(self):
.ensure_base() will fail if the parent dir doesn't exist
def test_external_url(self):
.external_url either works or raises InProcessTransport.
def test_has(self):
def test_has_root_works(self):
def test_get(self):
def test_get_unknown_file(self):
def test_get_directory_read_gives_ReadError(self):
consistent errors for read() on a file returned by get().
def test_get_bytes(self):
def test_get_bytes_unknown_file(self):
def test_get_with_open_write_stream_sees_all_content 0(self):
def test_get_bytes_with_open_write_stream_sees_all_content(self):
def test_put_bytes(self):
def test_put_bytes_non_atomic(self):
def test_put_bytes_permissions(self):
def test_put_bytes_non_atomic_permissions(self):
def test_put_file(self):
def test_put_file_non_atomic(self):
def test_put_file_permissions(self):
def test_put_file_non_atomic_permissions(self):
def test_put_bytes_unicode(self):
def test_put_file_unicode(self):
def test_mkdir(self):
def test_mkdir_permissions(self):
def test_opening_a_file_stream_creates_file(self):
def test_opening_a_file_stream_can_set_mode(self):
def test_copy_to(self):
def test_create_prefix(self):
def test_append_file(self):
def test_append_bytes(self):
def test_append_multi(self):
def test_append_file_mode(self):
Check that append accepts a mode parameter
def test_append_bytes_mode(self):
def test_delete(self):
def test_recommended_page_size(self):
Transports recommend a page size for partial access to files.
def test_rmdir(self):
def test_rmdir_not_empty(self):
Deleting a non-empty directory raises an exception

sftp (and possibly others) don't give us a specific "directory not empty" exception -- we can just see that the operation failed.

def test_rmdir_empty_but_similar_prefix(self):
rmdir does not get confused by sibling paths.

A naive implementation of MemoryTransport would refuse to rmdir ".bzr/branch" if there is a ".bzr/branch-format" directory, because it uses "path.startswith(dir)" on all file paths to determine if directory is empty.

def test_rename_dir_succeeds(self):
def test_rename_dir_nonempty(self):
Attempting to replace a nonemtpy directory should fail
def test_rename_across_subdirs(self):
def test_delete_tree(self):
def test_move(self):
def test_copy(self):
def test_connection_error(self):
ConnectionError is raised when connection is impossible.

The error should be raised from the first operation on the transport.

def test_stat(self):
def test_hardlink(self):
def test_symlink(self):
def test_list_dir(self):
def test_list_dir_result_is_url_escaped(self):
def test_clone_preserve_info(self):
def test__reuse_for(self):
def test_connection_sharing(self):
def test_reuse_connection_for_various_paths(self):
def test_clone(self):
def test_clone_to_root(self):
def test_clone_from_root(self):
At the root, cloning to a simple dir should just do string append.
def test_base_url(self):
def test_relpath(self):
def test_relpath_at_root(self):
def test_abspath(self):
def test_win32_abspath(self):
def test_local_abspath(self):
def test_abspath_at_root(self):
def test_iter_files_recursive(self):
def test_copy_tree(self):
def test_copy_tree_to_transport(self):
def test_unicode_paths(self):
Test that we can read/write files with Unicode names.
def test_connect_twice_is_same_content(self):
def test_lock_write(self):
Test transport-level write locks.

These are deprecated and transports may decline to support them.

def test_lock_read(self):
Test transport-level read locks.

These are deprecated and transports may decline to support them.

def test_readv(self):
def test_readv_out_of_order(self):
def test_readv_with_adjust_for_latency(self):
def test_readv_with_adjust_for_latency_with_big_file(self):
def test_get_with_open_write_stream_sees_all_content(self):
def test_get_smart_medium(self):
All transports must either give a smart medium, or know they can't.
def test_readv_short_read(self):
def test_no_segment_parameters(self):
Segment parameters should be stripped and stored in transport.segment_parameters.
def test_segment_parameters(self):
Segment parameters should be stripped and stored in transport.get_segment_parameters().
def test_stat_symlink(self):
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