b.t.p.h.TestCaseWithBrokenRevisionIndex(TestCaseWithRepository) : class documentation

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Known subclasses: bzrlib.tests.per_repository_vf.test_check.TestFindInconsistentRevisionParents, bzrlib.tests.per_repository_vf.test_reconcile.TestBadRevisionParents

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Method make_repo_with_extra_ghost_index Make a corrupt repository.

Inherited from TestCaseWithRepository:

Method get_default_format Undocumented
Method make_repository Undocumented
def make_repo_with_extra_ghost_index(self):
Make a corrupt repository.

It will contain one revision, 'revision-id'. The knit index will claim that it has one parent, 'incorrect-parent', but the revision text will claim it has no parents.

Note: only the cache of the knit index is corrupted. Thus the corruption will only last while the repository is locked. For this reason, the returned repo is locked.

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