b.t.p.t.TestCommitWithStacking(TestCaseWithStackedTarget) : class documentation

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Method setUp Undocumented
Method get_only_repo Open just the repository used by this tree.
Method assertPresent Check which of the supplied keys are present.
Method test_simple_commit Undocumented
Method test_merge_commit Undocumented
Method test_merge_from_master Undocumented
Method test_multi_stack base + stacked + stacked-on-stacked
Method test_commit_with_ghosts_fails Undocumented
Method test_commit_with_ghost_in_ancestry Undocumented

Inherited from TestCaseWithStackedTarget:

Method make_stacked_target Undocumented

Inherited from TestCaseWithRepository (via TestCaseWithStackedTarget):

Method get_default_format Undocumented
Method make_repository Undocumented
def setUp(self):
def get_only_repo(self, tree):
Open just the repository used by this tree.

This returns a read locked Repository object without any stacking fallbacks.

def assertPresent(self, expected, vf, keys):
Check which of the supplied keys are present.
def test_simple_commit(self):
def test_merge_commit(self):
def test_merge_from_master(self):
def test_multi_stack(self):
base + stacked + stacked-on-stacked
def test_commit_with_ghosts_fails(self):
def test_commit_with_ghost_in_ancestry(self):
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