b.t.per_repository : package documentation

Part of bzrlib.tests

Repository implementation tests for bzr.

These test the conformance of all the repository variations to the expected API.
Specific tests for individual formats are in the tests/test_repository.py file
rather than in tests/per_branch/*.py.
Module test_add_fallback_repository Tests for Repository.add_fallback_repository.
Module test_break_lock Tests for repository break-lock.
Module test_check Test operations that check the repository for corruption
Module test_commit_builder Tests for repository commit builder.
Module test_fetch Tests for fetch between repositories of the same type.
Module test_file_graph Tests for the per file graph API.
Module test_get_parent_map Tests for the get_parent_map API.
Module test_has_revisions Tests for implementations of Repository.has_revisions.
Module test_has_same_location Tests for implementations of Repository.has_same_location.
Module test_iter_reverse_revision_history Test iter_reverse_revision_history.
Module test_locking Tests for Repository.is_write_locked().
Module test_pack Tests for repository packing.
Module test_reconcile Tests for reconciliation of repositories.
Module test_refresh_data Tests for Repository.refresh_data.
Module test_repository Tests for repository implementations - tests a repository format.
Module test_revision Tests for revision properties.
Module test_signatures Tests for repository revision signatures.
Module test_statistics Tests for repository statistic-gathering apis.
Module test_write_group Tests for repository write groups.

From the __init__.py module:

Class TestCaseWithRepository Undocumented
Function all_repository_format_scenarios Return a list of test scenarios for parameterising repository tests.
Function formats_to_scenarios Transform the input formats to a list of scenarios.
Function load_tests Undocumented
def formats_to_scenarios(formats, transport_server, transport_readonly_server, vfs_transport_factory=None):
Transform the input formats to a list of scenarios.
ParametersformatsA list of (scenario_name_suffix, repo_format) where the scenario_name_suffix is to be appended to the format name, and the repo_format is a RepositoryFormat subclass instance.
ReturnsScenarios of [(scenario_name, {parameter_name: value})]
def all_repository_format_scenarios():
Return a list of test scenarios for parameterising repository tests.
def load_tests(standard_tests, module, loader):
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