b.t.per_controldir : package documentation

Part of bzrlib.tests

ControlDir implementation tests for bzr.

These test the conformance of all the controldir variations to the expected API.
Specific tests for individual formats are in the tests/test_bzrdir.py file
rather than in tests/per_branch/*.py.
Module test_controldir Tests for control directory implementations - tests a controldir format.
Module test_format Tests for control directory formats.
Module test_push Tests for bzrdir implementations - push.

From the __init__.py module:

Class TestCaseWithControlDir Undocumented
Function load_tests Undocumented
Function make_scenarios Transform the input to a list of scenarios.
def make_scenarios(vfs_factory, transport_server, transport_readonly_server, formats, name_suffix=''):
Transform the input to a list of scenarios.
ParametersformatsA list of bzrdir_format objects.
vfs_serverA factory to create a Transport Server which has all the VFS methods working, and is writable.
def load_tests(standard_tests, module, loader):
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