b.t.p.t.InaccessibleParentTests(per_branch.TestCaseWithBranch) : class documentation

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Tests with branches with "inaccessible" parents.

An "inaccessible" parent location is one that cannot be represented, e.g. if a child branch says its parent is at "../../my-parent", but that child is at "http://host/one" then that parent location is inaccessible. These branches' get_parent method will raise InaccessibleParent.

Method setUp Undocumented
Method get_branch_with_invalid_parent Get a branch whose get_parent will raise InaccessibleParent.
Method test_get_parent_invalid Undocumented
Method test_clone_invalid_parent Undocumented
Method test_sprout_invalid_parent Undocumented

Inherited from TestCaseWithBranch:

Method get_branch Undocumented
Method get_default_format Undocumented
Method make_branch Undocumented
Method create_tree_with_merge Create a branch with a simple ancestry.
def setUp(self):
def get_branch_with_invalid_parent(self):
Get a branch whose get_parent will raise InaccessibleParent.
def test_get_parent_invalid(self):
def test_clone_invalid_parent(self):
def test_sprout_invalid_parent(self):
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