b.t.h.DigestAuthRequestHandler(AuthRequestHandler) : class documentation

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Known subclasses: bzrlib.tests.http_utils.DigestAndBasicAuthRequestHandler

Implements the digest authentication of a request.

We need persistence for some attributes and that can't be achieved here since we get instantiated for each request. We rely on the DigestAuthServer to take care of them.

Method authorized Undocumented
Method send_header_auth_reqed Undocumented

Inherited from AuthRequestHandler:

Method do_GET Serve a GET request.
Method do_HEAD Undocumented
Method _require_authentication Undocumented

Inherited from TestingHTTPRequestHandler (via AuthRequestHandler):

Method setup Undocumented
Method log_message Undocumented
Method handle Undocumented
Method handle_one_request Handle a single HTTP request.
Method send_error Send and log an error reply.
Method send_head Overrides base implementation to work around a bug in python2.5.
Method send_range_content Undocumented
Method get_single_range Undocumented
Method get_multiple_ranges Undocumented
Method translate_path Translate a /-separated PATH to the local filename syntax.
Method _handle_one_request Undocumented
Method _parse_ranges Parse the range header value and returns ranges.
Method _header_line_length Undocumented
Method _translate_path Translate a /-separated PATH to the local filename syntax.
def authorized(self):
def send_header_auth_reqed(self):
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