b.t.TextTestResult(ExtendedTestResult) : class documentation

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Displays progress and results of tests in text form
Method __init__ Construct new TestResult.
Method stopTestRun Undocumented
Method report_tests_starting Display information before the test run begins
Method report_test_start Display information on the test just about to be run
Method report_error Undocumented
Method report_failure Undocumented
Method report_known_failure Undocumented
Method report_unexpected_success Undocumented
Method report_skip Undocumented
Method report_not_applicable Undocumented
Method report_unsupported test cannot be run because feature is missing.
Method _progress_prefix_text Undocumented
Method _test_description Undocumented

Inherited from ExtendedTestResult:

Method getDescription Undocumented
Method startTest Undocumented
Method stopTest Undocumented
Method startTests Undocumented
Method addError Tell result that test finished with an error.
Method addFailure Tell result that test failed.
Method addSuccess Tell result that test completed successfully.
Method addExpectedFailure Undocumented
Method addUnexpectedSuccess Tell result the test unexpectedly passed, counting as a failure
Method addNotSupported The test will not be run because of a missing feature.
Method addSkip A test has not run for 'reason'.
Method addNotApplicable Undocumented
Method progress The test is adjusting the count of tests to run.
Method startTestRun Undocumented
Method report_success Undocumented
Method wasStrictlySuccessful Undocumented
Method _extractBenchmarkTime Add a benchmark time for the current test case.
Method _elapsedTestTimeString Return a time string for the overall time the current test has taken.
Method _testTimeString Undocumented
Method _formatTime Format seconds as milliseconds with leading spaces.
Method _shortened_test_description Undocumented
Method _record_traceback_from_test Store the traceback from passed exc_info tuple till
Method _check_leaked_threads See if any threads have leaked since last call
Method _recordTestStartTime Record that a test has started.
Method _count_stored_tests Count of tests instances kept alive due to not succeeding
Method _post_mortem Start a PDB post mortem session.
Method _report_thread_leak Display information on a test that leaked one or more threads
def __init__(self, stream, descriptions, verbosity, bench_history=None, pb=None, strict=None):
Construct new TestResult.
Parametersbench_historyOptionally, a writable file object to accumulate benchmark results.
def stopTestRun(self):
def report_tests_starting(self):
Display information before the test run begins
def _progress_prefix_text(self):
def report_test_start(self, test):
Display information on the test just about to be run
def _test_description(self, test):
def report_error(self, test, err):
def report_failure(self, test, err):
def report_known_failure(self, test, err):
def report_unexpected_success(self, test, reason):
def report_skip(self, test, reason):
def report_not_applicable(self, test, reason):
def report_unsupported(self, test, feature):
test cannot be run because feature is missing.
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