b.t.StrictTestament3(StrictTestament) : class documentation

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This testament format is for use as a checksum in bundle format 0.9+

It differs from StrictTestament by including data about the tree root.

Method _escape_path Undocumented

Inherited from StrictTestament:

Method _entry_to_line Turn an inventory entry into a testament line

Inherited from Testament (via StrictTestament):

Class Method from_revision Produce a new testament from a historical revision.
Class Method from_revision_tree Produce a new testament from a revision tree.
Method __init__ Create a new testament for rev using tree.
Method as_text_lines Yield text form as a sequence of lines.
Method as_text Undocumented
Method as_short_text Return short digest-based testament.
Method as_sha1 Undocumented
Method _get_entries Undocumented
Method _revprops_to_lines Pack up revision properties.
def _escape_path(self, path):
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