b.r.RemoteConfig(object) : class documentation

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Known subclasses: bzrlib.remote.RemoteBranchConfig, bzrlib.remote.RemoteBzrDirConfig

A Config that reads and writes from smart verbs.

It is a low-level object that considers config data to be name/value pairs that may be associated with a section. Assigning meaning to the these values is done at higher levels like bzrlib.config.TreeConfig.

Method get_option Return the value associated with a named option.
Method _response_to_configobj Undocumented
def get_option(self, name, section=None, default=None):
Return the value associated with a named option.
ParametersnameThe name of the value
sectionThe section the option is in (if any)
defaultThe value to return if the value is not set
ReturnsThe value or default value
def _response_to_configobj(self, response):
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