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A 'LockableFiles' implementation that talks to a smart server.

This is not a public interface class.

Method __init__ Create a LockableFiles group
Method _find_modes Determine the appropriate modes for files and directories.

Inherited from LockableFiles:

Method create_lock Create the lock.
Method __repr__ Undocumented
Method __str__ Undocumented
Method break_lock Break the lock of this lockable files group if it is held.
Method leave_in_place Set this LockableFiles to not clear the physical lock on unlock.
Method dont_leave_in_place Set this LockableFiles to clear the physical lock on unlock.
Method lock_write Lock this group of files for writing.
Method lock_read Undocumented
Method unlock Undocumented
Method is_locked Return true if this LockableFiles group is locked
Method get_physical_lock_status Return physical lock status.
Method get_transaction Return the current active transaction.
Method _escape DEPRECATED: Do not use outside this class
Method _set_read_transaction Setup a read transaction.
Method _set_write_transaction Setup a write transaction.
Method _set_transaction Set a new active transaction.
Method _finish_transaction Exit the current transaction.
def __init__(self, bzrdir, _client):
Create a LockableFiles group
ParameterstransportTransport pointing to the directory holding the control files and lock.
lock_nameName of the lock guarding these files.
lock_classClass of lock strategy to use: typically either LockDir or TransportLock.
def _find_modes(self):
Determine the appropriate modes for files and directories.
Unknown Field: deprecatedReplaced by BzrDir._find_creation_modes.
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