b.push : module documentation

Part of bzrlib

UI helper for the push command.
Class PushResult Result of a push operation.
Function _show_push_branch Push a branch to a location.
def _show_push_branch(br_from, revision_id, location, to_file, verbose=False, overwrite=False, remember=False, stacked_on=None, create_prefix=False, use_existing_dir=False, no_tree=False):
Push a branch to a location.
Parametersbr_fromthe source branch
revision_idthe revision-id to push up to
locationthe url of the destination
to_filethe output stream
verboseif True, display more output than normal
overwriteif False, a current branch at the destination may not have diverged from the source, otherwise the push fails
rememberif True, store the location as the push location for the source branch
stacked_onthe url of the branch, if any, to stack on; if set, only the revisions not in that branch are pushed
create_prefixif True, create the necessary parent directories at the destination if they don't already exist
use_existing_dirif True, proceed even if the destination directory exists without a current .bzr directory in it
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