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Model component of a progress indicator.

Most code that needs to indicate progress should update one of these, and it will in turn update the display, if one is present.

Code updating the task may also set fields as hints about how to display it: show_pct, show_spinner, show_eta, show_count, show_bar. UIs will not necessarily respect all these fields.

Instance Variablesupdate_latencyThe interval (in seconds) at which the PB should be updated. Setting this to zero suggests every update should be shown synchronously.
show_transport_activityIf true (default), transport activity will be shown when this task is drawn. Disable it if you're sure that only irrelevant or uninteresting transport activity can occur during this task.
Method __init__ Construct a new progress task.
Method __repr__ Undocumented
Method update Undocumented
Method tick Undocumented
Method finished Undocumented
Method make_sub_task Undocumented
Method clear Undocumented
Method _overall_completion_fraction Return fractional completion of this task and its parents
def __init__(self, parent_task=None, ui_factory=None, progress_view=None):
Construct a new progress task.

Normally you should not call this directly but rather through ui_factory.nested_progress_bar.

Parametersparent_taskEnclosing ProgressTask or None.
progress_viewProgressView to display this ProgressTask.
ui_factoryThe UI factory that will display updates; deprecated in favor of passing progress_view directly.
def __repr__(self):
def update(self, msg, current_cnt=None, total_cnt=None):
def tick(self):
def finished(self):
def make_sub_task(self):
def _overall_completion_fraction(self, child_fraction=0.0):
Return fractional completion of this task and its parents

Returns None if no completion can be computed.

def clear(self):
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