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Version 0.0.4 serializer

You should use the serializer_v4 singleton.

v4 serialisation is no longer supported, only deserialisation.

Method _pack_entry Convert InventoryEntry to XML element
Method _unpack_inventory Construct from XML Element
Method _unpack_entry Undocumented
Method _pack_revision Revision object -> xml tree
Method _unpack_revision XML Element -> Revision object

Inherited from XMLSerializer:

Method read_inventory_from_string Read xml_string into an inventory object.
Method read_inventory See read_inventory_from_string.
Method write_revision Undocumented
Method write_revision_to_string Undocumented
Method read_revision Undocumented
Method read_revision_from_string Undocumented
Method _write_element Undocumented
Method _read_element Undocumented

Inherited from Serializer (via XMLSerializer):

Method write_inventory Write inventory to a file.
Method write_inventory_to_string Produce a simple string representation of an inventory.
def _pack_entry(self, ie):
Convert InventoryEntry to XML element
def _unpack_inventory(self, elt, revision_id=None, entry_cache=None, return_from_cache=False):
Construct from XML Element
Parametersrevision_idIgnored parameter used by xml5.
def _unpack_entry(self, elt, entry_cache=None, return_from_cache=False):
def _pack_revision(self, rev):
Revision object -> xml tree
def _unpack_revision(self, elt):
XML Element -> Revision object
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