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Bzr control format 6.

This format is a combined format for working tree, branch and repository.
It has:
 - Format 2 working trees [always]
 - Format 4 branches [always]
 - Format 6 repositories [always]
Method __eq__ Undocumented
Method get_format_string See BzrDirFormat.get_format_string().
Method get_format_description See BzrDirFormat.get_format_description().
Method get_branch_format Undocumented
Method get_converter See BzrDirFormat.get_converter().
Method initialize_on_transport Format 6 dirs always have working tree, branch and repository.
Method network_name A simple byte string uniquely identifying this format for RPC calls.
Method _initialize_for_clone Undocumented
Method _open See BzrDirFormat._open.
Method __return_repository_format Circular import protection.

Inherited from BzrDirFormatAllInOne:

Method initialize_on_transport_ex See BzrDirFormat.initialize_on_transport_ex.

Inherited from BzrDirFormat (via BzrDirFormatAllInOne):

Method open Return an instance of this format for the dir transport points at.
Method supports_transport Check if this format can be opened over a particular transport.
Method _initialize_on_transport_vfs Initialize a new bzrdir using VFS calls.
Method _supply_sub_formats_to Give other_format the same values for sub formats as this has.

Inherited from ControlDirFormat (via BzrDirFormatAllInOne, BzrDirFormat):

Method is_supported Is this format supported?
Method is_initializable Whether new control directories of this format can be initialized.
Method check_support_status Give an error or warning on old formats.
Method same_model Undocumented
Class Method register_format Register a format that does not use '.bzr' for its control dir.
Class Method register_prober Register a prober that can look for a control dir.
Class Method unregister_prober Unregister a prober.
Class Method register_server_prober Register a control format prober for client-server environments.
Method __str__ Undocumented
Class Method known_formats Return all the known formats.
Class Method find_format Return the format present at transport.
Method initialize Create a control dir at this url and return an opened copy.
Class Method get_default_format Return the current default format.
Class Method _set_default_format Set default format (for testing behavior of defaults only)
def __eq__(self, other):
def get_format_string(self):
See BzrDirFormat.get_format_string().
def get_format_description(self):
See BzrDirFormat.get_format_description().
def get_branch_format(self):
def get_converter(self, format=None):
See BzrDirFormat.get_converter().
def _initialize_for_clone(self, url):
def initialize_on_transport(self, transport, _cloning=False):
Format 6 dirs always have working tree, branch and repository.

Except when they are being cloned.

def network_name(self):
A simple byte string uniquely identifying this format for RPC calls.

Bzr control formats use this disk format string to identify the format over the wire. Its possible that other control formats have more complex detection requirements, so we permit them to use any unique and immutable string they desire.

def _open(self, transport):
See BzrDirFormat._open.
def __return_repository_format(self):
Circular import protection.
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