b.p.c.c.ChangeLogMerger(merge.ConfigurableFileMerger) : class documentation

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Merge GNU-format ChangeLog files.
Method get_filepath Calculate the path to the file in a tree.
Method merge_text Merge changelog changes.

Inherited from ConfigurableFileMerger:

Method __init__ Create a PerFileMerger for use with merger.
Method file_matches Check whether the file should call the merge hook.
Method merge_matching Merge the contents of a single file that has matched the criteria

Inherited from PerFileMerger (via ConfigurableFileMerger):

Method get_filename Lookup the filename (i.e. basename, not path), given a Tree (e.g.
Method merge_contents Merge the contents of a single file.
def get_filepath(self, params, tree):
Calculate the path to the file in a tree.

This is overridden to return just the basename, rather than full path, so that e.g. if the config says changelog_merge_files = ChangeLog, then all ChangeLog files in the tree will match (not just one in the root of the tree).

ParametersparamsA MergeHookParams describing the file to merge
treea Tree, e.g. self.merger.this_tree.
def merge_text(self, params):

Merge changelog changes.

  • new entries from other will float to the top
  • edits to older entries are preserved
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