b.o.DirReader(object) : class documentation

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Known subclasses: bzrlib.osutils.UnicodeDirReader

An interface for reading directories.
Method top_prefix_to_starting_dir Converts top and prefix to a starting dir entry
Method read_dir Read a specific dir.
def top_prefix_to_starting_dir(self, top, prefix=''):
Converts top and prefix to a starting dir entry
ParameterstopA utf8 path
prefixAn optional utf8 path to prefix output relative paths with.
ReturnsA tuple starting with prefix, and ending with the native encoding of top.
def read_dir(self, prefix, top):
Read a specific dir.
ParametersprefixA utf8 prefix to be preprended to the path basenames.
topA natively encoded path to read.
ReturnsA list of the directories contents. Each item contains: (utf8_relpath, utf8_name, kind, lstatvalue, native_abspath)
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