b.m.MutableInventoryTree(MutableTree, tree.InventoryTree) : class documentation

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Known subclasses: bzrlib.memorytree.MemoryTree, bzrlib.workingtree.InventoryWorkingTree

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Method apply_inventory_delta Apply changes to the inventory as an atomic operation.
Method smart_add Version file_list, optionally recursing into directories.
Method update_basis_by_delta Update the parents of this tree after a commit.
Method _fix_case_of_inventory_path If our tree isn't case sensitive, return the canonical path

Inherited from MutableTree:

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method is_control_filename True if filename is the name of a control file in this tree.
Method add Add paths to the set of versioned paths.
Method add_reference Add a TreeReference to the tree, pointing at sub_tree
Method commit Undocumented
Method has_changes Quickly check that the tree contains at least one commitable change.
Method check_changed_or_out_of_date Check the tree for uncommitted changes and branch synchronization.
Method last_revision Return the revision id of the last commit performed in this tree.
Method lock_tree_write Lock the working tree for write, and the branch for read.
Method lock_write Lock the tree and its branch. This allows mutating calls to be made.
Method mkdir Create a directory in the tree. if file_id is None, one is assigned.
Method put_file_bytes_non_atomic Update the content of a file in the tree.
Method set_parent_ids Set the parents ids of the working tree.
Method set_parent_trees Set the parents of the working tree.
Method _add_reference Standard add_reference implementation, for use by subclasses
Method _add Helper function for add - updates the inventory.
Method _gather_kinds Helper function for add - sets the entries of kinds.
Method _observed_sha1 Tell the tree we have observed a paths sha1.
def apply_inventory_delta(self, changes):
Apply changes to the inventory as an atomic operation.
ParameterschangesAn inventory delta to apply to the working tree's inventory.
See AlsoFor details on the changes parameter.
def _fix_case_of_inventory_path(self, path):
If our tree isn't case sensitive, return the canonical path
def smart_add(self, file_list, recurse=True, action=None, save=True):
Version file_list, optionally recursing into directories.

This is designed more towards DWIM for humans than API clarity. For the specific behaviour see the help for cmd_add().

Parametersfile_listList of zero or more paths. NB: these are interpreted relative to the process cwd, not relative to the tree. (Add and most other tree methods use tree-relative paths.)
actionA reporter to be called with the inventory, parent_ie, path and kind of the path being added. It may return a file_id if a specific one should be used.
saveSave the inventory after completing the adds. If False this provides dry-run functionality by doing the add and not saving the inventory.
ReturnsA tuple - files_added, ignored_files. files_added is the count of added files, and ignored_files is a dict mapping files that were ignored to the rule that caused them to be ignored.
def update_basis_by_delta(self, new_revid, delta):
Update the parents of this tree after a commit.

This gives the tree one parent, with revision id new_revid. The inventory delta is applied to the current basis tree to generate the inventory for the parent new_revid, and all other parent trees are discarded.

All the changes in the delta should be changes synchronising the basis tree with some or all of the working tree, with a change to a directory requiring that its contents have been recursively included. That is, this is not a general purpose tree modification routine, but a helper for commit which is not required to handle situations that do not arise outside of commit.

See the inventory developers documentation for the theory behind inventory deltas.

Parametersnew_revidThe new revision id for the trees parent.
deltaAn inventory delta (see apply_inventory_delta) describing the changes from the current left most parent revision to new_revid.
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