b.multiparent : module documentation

Part of bzrlib

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Function topo_iter_keys Undocumented
Function topo_iter Undocumented
Class MultiParent A multi-parent diff
Class NewText The contents of text that is introduced by this text
Class ParentText A reference to text present in a parent text
Class BaseVersionedFile Pseudo-VersionedFile skeleton for MultiParent
Class MultiMemoryVersionedFile Memory-backed pseudo-versionedfile
Class MultiVersionedFile Disk-backed pseudo-versionedfile
Function gzip_string Undocumented
Function _topo_iter Undocumented
Class _Reconstructor Build a text from the diffs, ancestry graph and cached lines
def topo_iter_keys(vf, keys=None):
def topo_iter(vf, versions=None):
def _topo_iter(parents, versions):
def gzip_string(lines):
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