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Method __init__ Constructor.
Method clear_payload Undocumented
Method get_raw_bundle Return the bundle for this merge directive.
Method to_lines Serialize as a list of lines
Class Method from_objects Generate a merge directive from various objects
Method get_merge_request Provide data for performing a merge
Method _patch_type Undocumented
Class Method _from_lines Undocumented
Method _verify_patch Undocumented
Method _maybe_verify Undocumented

Inherited from BaseMergeDirective:

Method to_files Serialize as a set of files.
Method write_to_directory Write this merge directive to a series of files in a directory.
Method get_disk_name Generate a suitable basename for storing this directive on disk
Method to_signed Serialize as a signed string.
Method to_email Serialize as an email message.
Method install_revisions Install revisions and return the target revision
Method compose_merge_request Compose a request to merge this directive.
Method _to_lines Serialize as a list of lines
Static Method _generate_diff Undocumented
Static Method _generate_bundle Undocumented
def __init__(self, revision_id, testament_sha1, time, timezone, target_branch, patch=None, source_branch=None, message=None, bundle=None, base_revision_id=None):
Parametersrevision_idThe revision to merge
testament_sha1The sha1 of the testament of the revision to merge.
timeThe current POSIX timestamp time
timezoneThe timezone offset
target_branchThe branch to apply the merge to
patchThe text of a diff or bundle
source_branchA public location to merge the revision from
messageThe message to use when committing this merge
def _patch_type(self):
def clear_payload(self):
def get_raw_bundle(self):
Return the bundle for this merge directive.
Returnsbundle text or None if there is no bundle
def _from_lines(klass, line_iter):
def to_lines(self):
Serialize as a list of lines
Returnsa list of lines
def from_objects(klass, repository, revision_id, time, timezone, target_branch, include_patch=True, include_bundle=True, local_target_branch=None, public_branch=None, message=None, base_revision_id=None):
Generate a merge directive from various objects

The public branch is always used if supplied. If no bundle is included, the public branch must be supplied, and will be verified.

If the message is not supplied, the message from revision_id will be used for the commit.

ParametersrepositoryThe repository containing the revision
revision_idThe revision to merge
timeThe POSIX timestamp of the date the request was issued.
timezoneThe timezone of the request
target_branchThe url of the branch to merge into
include_patchIf true, include a preview patch
include_bundleIf true, include a bundle
local_target_brancha local copy of the target branch
public_branchlocation of a public branch containing the target revision.
messageMessage to use when committing the merge
ReturnsThe merge directive
def _verify_patch(self, repository):
def get_merge_request(self, repository):
Provide data for performing a merge

Returns suggested base, suggested target, and patch verification status

def _maybe_verify(self, repository):
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