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Method _get_compose_commandline See ExternalMailClient._get_compose_commandline

Inherited from BodyExternalMailClient:

Method compose See MailClient.compose.
Method _get_client_commands Provide a list of commands that may invoke the mail client
Method _compose Invoke a mail client as a commandline process.
Method _encode_safe Encode possible unicode string argument to 8-bit string
Method _encode_path Encode unicode path in user encoding.

Inherited from MailClient (via BodyExternalMailClient):

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method compose_merge_request Compose (and possibly send) a merge request
Method _get_merge_prompt Generate a prompt string. Overridden by Editor.
def _get_compose_commandline(self, to, subject, attach_path, body=None):
See ExternalMailClient._get_compose_commandline
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