b.l._DefaultLogGenerator(LogGenerator) : class documentation

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The default generator of log revisions.
Method __init__ Undocumented
Method iter_log_revisions Iterate over LogRevision objects.
Method _format_diff Undocumented
Method _create_log_revision_iterator Create a revision iterator for log.
Method _log_revision_iterator_using_delta_matching Undocumented
Method _log_revision_iterator_using_per_file_graph Undocumented
def __init__(self, branch, rqst):
def iter_log_revisions(self):
Iterate over LogRevision objects.
ReturnsAn iterator yielding LogRevision objects.
def _format_diff(self, rev, rev_id, diff_type):
def _create_log_revision_iterator(self):
Create a revision iterator for log.
ReturnsAn iterator over lists of ((rev_id, revno, merge_depth), rev, delta).
def _log_revision_iterator_using_delta_matching(self):
def _log_revision_iterator_using_per_file_graph(self):
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