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Content map generator reading from a VersionedFiles object.
Method __init__ Create a _ContentMapGenerator.

Inherited from _ContentMapGenerator:

Method get_record_stream Get a record stream for the keys requested during __init__.
Method _get_content Get the content object for key.
Method _work Produce maps of text and KnitContents as dicts.
Method _get_one_work Undocumented
Method _wire_bytes Get the bytes to put on the wire for 'key'.
def __init__(self, versioned_files, keys, nonlocal_keys=None, global_map=None, raw_record_map=None, ordering='unordered'):
Create a _ContentMapGenerator.
Parametersversioned_filesThe versioned files that the texts are being extracted from.
keysThe keys to produce content maps for.
nonlocal_keysAn iterable of keys(possibly intersecting keys) which are known to not be in this knit, but rather in one of the fallback knits.
global_mapThe result of get_parent_map(keys) (or a supermap). This is required if get_record_stream() is to be used.
raw_record_mapA unparsed raw record map to use for answering contents.
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