b.k._KnitFactory(object) : class documentation

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Known subclasses: bzrlib.knit.KnitAnnotateFactory, bzrlib.knit.KnitPlainFactory

Base class for common Factory functions.
Method parse_record Parse a record into a full content object.
def parse_record(self, version_id, record, record_details, base_content, copy_base_content=True):
Parse a record into a full content object.
Parametersversion_idThe official version id for this content
recordThe data returned by read_records_iter()
record_detailsDetails about the record returned by get_build_details
base_contentIf get_build_details returns a compression_parent, you must return a base_content here, else use None
copy_base_contentWhen building from the base_content, decide you can either copy it and return a new object, or modify it in place.
Returns(content, delta) A Content object and possibly a line-delta, delta may be None
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